eCare21 Deploys First Direct-to-Cloud Medisanté Medical IoT Devices in U.S. Virtual Care solution enables healthcare providers to scale Remote Patient Monitoring and dramatically simplify healthcare/homecare patient-provider experience

ORLANDO, Florida – October 15, 2019 – eCare21 deployed the first direct-to-cloud cellular medical IoT devices to patients in the U.S. within the clinical workflow of a physician practice performing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Direct-to-cloud devices have eliminated the need for any Bluetooth or Wi-Fi configuration.

“This is a momentous milestone for our eCare21 Virtual Care solution team and the entire healthcare industry,” said Vadim Cherdak, PhD, CEO of eCare21. “The combination of direct to-cloud cellular devices, integrated with our eCare21 Virtual Care platform, dramatically simplifies the healthcare/homecare patient-provider experience and will reduce the overall cost and complexity of large-scale enterprise deployments of RPM solutions. Patients simply power on the devices, take their blood pressure, measure their glucose, and step on the scale. It takes only a few minutes to transmit the patient’s health data to eCare21 and the patient’s trend charts are immediately available for their care team to review.”

“This is Digital Health as we expected it to be,” said Dr. Koroleva, DO, patient’s physician. “It was easy; no installation or deployment problems. The patient measured their blood pressure and glucose at home, and I could immediately see their vitals and trends on the office computer and on my iPad.”

eCare21 has partnered with Medisanté – a global leader in direct-to-cloud medical IoT infrastructure – and has begun deploying their connected care devices to customers in the U.S. market. Direct-to-cloud connectivity embedded in medical devices makes data transmission to clinical systems hassle-free for both the patient, the care team, and the biomedical engineer.

“Medisanté simplifies connectivity at the endpoint in the patient’s home in order to globally scale RPM using cloud technologies,” says Gilles Lunzenfichter, Chief Commercial Officer at Medisanté. “Once a cellular device has been assigned by a physician to a patient in eCare21’s Virtual Care solution, no Bluetooth/Wi-Fi pairing is required and, when data is transmitted, the patient’s identity remains in a HIPAA compliant system instead of being shared with a device vendor,” he adds.

“Direct-to-cloud cellular devices are much more reliable to deploy in the home setting, in remote locations, and especially with the senior population. Easy always wins,” said Pete Stevenson, President & COO of eCare21. “The results are in. We have a case study that demonstrates eCare21 has been reducing hospitalizations,” Stevenson adds. “Together with Medisanté, eCare21’s Virtual Care solution is delivering a new and more efficient model of connected care,” Cherdak says. “By simplifying the patient-provider experience, we are at the beginning of the next revolution in healthcare and homecare. Let’s do it!”

About eCare21

eCare21 ( is the leading Virtual Care platform for patients with chronic conditions. The eCare21 app has been recognized as a top app for caregiving three years in a row by (2017, 2018) and Right at Home (2019). Based in New Jersey and Florida, eCare21 is the first end-to-end solution for Virtual Care that creates a seamless workflow for delivering healthcare in the home to improve patient outcomes. eCare21 also helps physicians engage additional revenue by creating the clinical documentation required to engage healthcare reimbursement policy. The eCare21 Virtual Care platform is used by physicians and their staff, and aligns with the workflows of skilled nursing, independent living, and home care agencies. With direct-to-cloud medical IoT devices, eCare21 is able to cost-effectively scale deployments of Remote Patient Monitoring across large enterprises.

About the Medisanté Group

Medisanté ( is the world’s leading provider of medical IoT. Globally headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, Medisanté connects cellular medical devices to any clinical system via a global IoT hub. By combining the best of global IoT and cloud technologies with the best of healthcare compliance and privacy, it enables leading clinical software vendors and healthcare providers to scale Remote Patient Monitoring. Medisanté firmly believes that Patient-Generated Health Data enables a new connected care model, alongside in-person care.

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