How it Works

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Remote Patient Monitoring Service (Powered by eCare21) allows clinical staff to conduct timely interventions to help prevent hospital re-admissions and complications for patients.

Global Monitoring With Cloud Services

With our direct to cloud technology, you can monitor pain from anywhere in the world through the app.

Alerts & Management

Our technology not only allows for remote medication management but also sends instant alerts for out of range measurements.

Specialized Care

Custom care groups for patient information.

Easy To Use Technology

Peace of Mind Monitoring

E-Care21’s app is a simple web-based solution that transfers clinical data to health professionals within a physician’s office setting. Health professionals monitor these patients remotely and act on the information received as part of the treatment plan in order to meet and exceed quality measures in a regulatory-compliant manner.

Your Current State

Are you Compliant?

Validation and actionable processes are at the forefront of the new initiative. Positive patient outcomes (i.e. pay for performance) is now the methodology behind physician reimbursement. Quality measures account for 50% of the weighted score and thus the criteria on such metrics must be attained. Failure to provide positive outcomes has been a challenge mainly because physicians are not aware of a patient’s status between visits. Historically, documentation has been scattered and interoperability, the connectivity between EMR’s, has been marginal at best. The inconsistencies in documentation have caused gaps in care among our most vulnerable population – the chronically ill.

Our Competitive Advantage

Easy To Use

Our technology has been designed to ensure patient engagement stays high through and end-users have the confidence to self-manage.

World Class RPM App 

Rated best caregiving app year over year. Recognized by Forbes and

Low-Cost Platform

Features include mobile, IoT, cloud, and AI/Predictive analysis backed by patents.

Bridge Healthcare/Homecare Gap

Visibility into what matters when you need it the most. Stay organized with every health related activity.

Robust & Flexible

Wide-range of specific conditions can be tracked.

Circle of Care Monitoring

Users of all types including families, caregivers, physicians, and specialists have control.

Proactive Patient Engagement

As a provider, you strive to provide quality patient care. Unfortunately, monitoring your patients and their conditions between appointments can be challenging. Beginning in 2019, CMS has expanded its remote patient monitoring program to further support a healthcare provider’s ability to track and monitor patient conditions through the transmission of clinical data.

Best App for Caregiving &
Best Solution for Virtual Care

eCare21’s Virtual Triage Dashboard allows you to monitor your loved one’s care needs without being intrusive. It’s ideal for a working or long-distance caregiver and by providing vital health data, which means better and quicker response.

eCare21 Mobile App Capabilities.

The telehealth system uses smartphones, Fitbit, Bluetooth and sensors to collect information about things like blood pressure, physical activity, glucose levels, medication intake and weight. This is proving to be a valuable service for individuals managing complicated health situations

We Make Your Practice Stand Out From The Rest.

The list of advantages of transitioning from facility to home care with RPM Patient Monitoring is endless. RPM is not available from hospitals. Therefore, by having RPM at your practice, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition and increase your referral rate.

Patient Engagement
Population Risk Management
Community of Care

How it Works

Patients receive calibrated, HIPAA-compliant devices to monitor their daily health. Our integrated devices then will feed real-time data directly to your EHR.

Data Points We Track

Heart Rate/Rhythm & Blood Pressure
O2 Saturation
Weight & Activity
Blood Glucose
Step 1

Perform initial training on-device setup while patient is in facility.

Step 2

NP can actively review patient vitals while in the facility.

Step 3

When patient goes home, patient takes home device(s).

Step 4

NP continues reviewing vitals and keeps in touch after patient goes home.


Knowledge Support

Gain access to endless educational resources including care-plan templates and dedicated support.


You always will have the ability to set up thresholds and smart alerts to track patient goals.


Receive clear insights into patient baseline & critical ranges. You’ll also be able to quickly access clinical notes and documented next step actions on the fly.

Unified Management

Track multiple conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, CHF, COPD, and more for each patient all through our secure messaging system.